3 Books– 3 Women


Hi friends– Loving , loving retirement!!  So much unfettered time to read!  And lately I’ve been through 3 books I think you’d really enjoy.  Here they are:

I picked up Victoria from the new book shelf at the library because it was written by Daisy Goodwin who also wrote the script for the PBS series, Victoria.  Fun to to read/watch them together.  The book covers just the years from Victoria’s ascension to the throne at 18 until her engagement to Prince Albert.  Victoria steps into her 63 year reign with the support of her beloved Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne and in spite of the machinations of her mother and her advisors.  It’s a personal look at an amazing woman.  Left me wanting to read more about her years on the throne…

Eleanor’s life is a mess.  But she has decided today will be different.  She lays the best made plans and proceeds only to have them all completely fall apart right up to the surprising ending.  You’ll love this hapless but well meaning character and the quirky plot line. Today Will be Different was written by Maria, author of Where’d You Go Bernadette, book with another crazy but lovable heroine.

America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie chronicles the log and complicated life of Pasty Jefferson Randolph, daughter of Thomas Jefferson.  She loses her mother at an early age and takes up the reigns of caring for her famous father.  She lives a celebrated Parisian life during his years as American minister to France, brings up a large family in Monticello during her tumultuous marriage, serves as her Father’s hostess at the White House. There is intrigue, poverty, scandal and trajedy for the fascinating woman who lives strong through it all.   The authors relied heavily on the files of letters from Jefferson for plot and dialogue.  A great look at the times and the personal life of our third president.

P.S.  painting of woman reading by Francoise Collandre


25 thoughts on “3 Books– 3 Women

    • Finished A Gentleman in Moscow– great story of an erudite, cultured count on house arrest in an elegant Moscow hotel. Great characters. And am now reading Hillbilly Elegy– Did you mention that one?? Reminds me of the Glass Castle. What are you reading– besides getting through all the new books that have come in to the library!! I need to check out a couple of them… Take care friend– loved your Martha’s Vineyard photos– hope we get to see more… hugs hugs!

    • Hey Mollie– Yep, I think a lot of people are reading that book– I had to wait on a list to get one of the library copies! She lived an amazingly full life– 9 kids! a secret love and a crazy marriage that she handled so well. Plus all she did for her father. It’s long, but reads fast. Take care Mollie!!

      • I’m in to family history and find all kinds of history about the early years of our nation fascinating. Which is funny because when I was young, it was the last thing I would have read!

        • Hi Mollie– do you do genealogies?? Larry’s dad has tracked a lot of family ties. I just know some crazy stories about grandparents and family in Louisiana… Hope you’re enjoying the weekend? Traveling home??

  1. Oh thanks for posting your book suggestions! Where’d You Go Bernadette is on my to read list so I am going to go ahead and add Today will be Different too.

  2. Am adding these to my list. I just finished Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Have you read it? It was written in 1938 and is set in England. Miss Pettigrew is a kind of a mousy character who has some amazing experiences in the course of one day that change her for the better. Think Forest Gump but only female and pre-WWII. It is actually a hilarious read, I really found myself laughing at loud as I read it. -Kat

    • Hey Kat- have not read the book, but did see a movie of that title a few years back. I’ll have to check for the book, sounds like one that would be at the library!! sounds like just my kind of book– British, historical setting, fun protagonist… Hope you are into a good weekend– any plans?? xox friend.

  3. Rhonda, you know I love your book reviews! I haven’t watched the PBS series about Victoria… I’ll have to look it up. I saw the movie, The Young Victoria, a while back, and loved it. The music is so beautiful and after watching it I also (like you), felt like I had to go and do some research on her. I was amazed as I read about her life, all she went through, her children, and grandchildren,… truly amazing. After reading your book reviews, I inevitably end up logging onto my public library, checking to see which of the books you mentioned I can check out now. And that’s where I’m headed 😊

    • Hey Daisy– the PBS series on Victoria was really good– so beautifully filmed. But it only went into her first few years as queen– so now I’m waiting for season 2 next year! I really like reading historical fiction and memoirs. What have you read that you’d recommend??

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