Halloween Books Kids Love

Hello there– You know Halloween is already on it’s way if you’ve walked through Target lately.  My sis and I were there this week and scooped up a basket full of Halloween goodies to mail off to the grand-kids.

And that made me come home and pull down the little stack of Halloween kids books I keep for reading with kids this time of year.  Here’s some of our favorites:

We discovered this book on the aforementioned Target trip and stood there laughing in the aisle!  A group of goofy chickens are terrified of a number of strange things they see going on– a mouse of enormous size, a pumpkin with flickering eyes…  They work themselves into a state until it’s revealed that it’s just Halloween!

This is the Pumpkin uses rolling rhyme to take you through Halloween day into night with the buoyant Max and his family– from donning his costume, ghastly and green, through parties at school, past glowing pumpkins in the night, clear until he and his sis fall asleep amid their Halloween treats.  Bright happy illustrations make it fun!

Junie B. Jones at her best.  This time in Boo…and I Mean It!  Junie is too frightened to go out trick or treating.  There could be witches or monsters prowling, or pumpkins with sharp teeth!  But in the end with help from her mom, she manages to take it on.  This wacky first grader always makes me laugh out loud!

Our little protagonist in the Frankenstein mask steps up and knocks on the door of a haunted house to trick or treat on Halloween.  The occupants– a spider, some bats, a mummy, an owl… set off a startled chain reaction that a ends surprisingly.  Love the illustrations by the prolific Ted Arnold.


22 thoughts on “Halloween Books Kids Love

  1. These look so fun, Rhonda! Isn’t Halloween the best?? I still love it even though my two boys are too old to dress up. Love seeing the neighborhood kids and of course we buy too much candy because …..leftovers! – Kat

    • We enjoy it here too– we live pretty close to the school where I used to teach– so it always surprises kids when they trick or treat at our house and see their old teacher open the door! take care friend… xox

  2. Love seasonal books… they allow a deeper explanation and experience for small children! I’m actually writing a small children’s coloring and behavior book as we speak. I couldn’t find what needed … so I decided to make it. Can’t beat em, join em?

    • Thanks Marcia– I love reading your blog too– So many good books and beautiful places… What are you reading now?? I just got Amy Tan’s new memoir from the library– just 40 pages in and it’s a little slow. We’ll see… hugs hugs!

    • Hi Katelyn! It is a very funny book with great rhymes and crazy illustrations. Have you read any of her other books?? Just read through your blog– great start! Be fun to see what you write next…

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