Books & Breakfast –Morning with Friends

Hi all– This isn’t really a recipe, but an idea that was so much fun, I thought you’d like to know about it.  Saturday morning a tableful of friends came in the door for breakfast and a favorite books “show and tell.”

We started off with a breakfast board down the middle of the table– sort of a help yourself to whatever looks good kind of meal.  Drank mugs of tea and laughed and talked over the week…

Then we all pulled out a short stack of what we’ve been reading lately to recommend to each other.  I typed up the list of books with small descriptions and emailed off the recommendations for everyone to use for future book possibilities.  So fun!  (we all had things to say about each other’s books–adding on movie and podcast ideas).

So here’s the Breakfast Board list –just in case you want to throw one together–
(sort of like a cheese board, but with breakfasty things thrown in!)
Smoked Gouda
Sliced ham
Rye bread
Cranberry walnut bread
Mini blueberry muffins
Hard boiled eggs (salt & pepper)
Pears, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, cantaloupe
Berry jam & orange marmalade, honey
Seedy mustard
(throw on a few flowers for the pretty part)

I got the long board (4′ by 12″) at Home Depot for $8.  Larry sanded and oiled it to make a breakfast worthy serving board.

And here’s a handful of the books we talked about:
Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown
My Kitchen Year by Ruth Reichl
Hearing God by Dallas Willard
Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah
A Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell

Here’s to friends who read and love noisy talks over breakfast!!  Can’t wait to do it again!


50 thoughts on “Books & Breakfast –Morning with Friends

    • Hi Lacey– glad you like it. It was a lot of fun to do– just gather a lot of breakfast food and fit it together like a puzzle. I saw a book on vacation that was all meals on boards– it was so fun but too $$. It had a s’more board, beach boards… so I’m thinking how I can use this board I now have! Hope you’re doing well, Lacey. xox

      • Oh I love this so much. I like making meals out of snacks and am always afraid I’m missing out on some good food. This lets you sample everything. Plus it looks fancy.

        • It was fun to do Lacey– and I like meals when everyone can pick out what they like– like a taco bar or tapas. It worked well and there was a lot of food talk at the table and passing things around etc. xox

    • It was loads of fun– and now I have that big board– trying to figure out what I can serve on it next. Your coconut pineapple cake looks so moist and flavorful!! hugs Ursula!

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  4. Dear Rhonda, I’m going to use your idea of a breakfast board for my end of the year Moms in Prayer gathering. It simply looks wonderful!! I did have a question about preparing the wood board before placing food on it? What did your husband use to seal it with that is food safe? Thank you.

    • Hi Flora– that’s what I wondered about because I just bought a cheap board at Home Depot. But he said it was good just to sand it down and oiled it all over with vegetable oil (a couple days ahead so it would dry) and that kept the board from getting stained by cheese or ham etc. I got a new cookbook called Platters and Boards with all kinds of ideas for these kinds of meals– so I can use my board again! And– Your Moms Prayer Gathering sounds like a wonderful group– how often do you meet?? Are they Moms from Paloma’s school? or church friends? Hope they enjoy the breakfast! hugs from here Flora!

  5. Hi Rhonda! In the Philippines, we have a similar set up and we call kamayan style or boddle fight. But I sooo love your idea Rhonda cause you combine food and books – it’s great and looks so wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Big hugs from Cambodia!😘😘😘

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