Streets of Lijiang, China

IMG_5426Hi there–  I’ll admit I’m a little envious.  My mom is off visiting my sis in Lijiang and it’s left me wishing I could have tagged along.  We were there last summer, wandering over canals and cobbled streets in the old town, sitting down to a plate of yak for lunch and sampling the green onion pancakes from street vendors…  So I pulled up our travel pics- Here are a few:

IMG_5726     IMG_5364
The houses sit perched over winding canals connected by stone bridges and streets paved with huge blocks of stone.

IMG_5882     IMG_5345
Bicycle delivery men– the first is headed to a restaurant with his load of vegetables and a whole pig tied to the top.  And right is the wagon full of blocks of coal used for heating.

IMG_1308     IMG_5451
Old gentlemen sit in the afternoon sun on the plaza and a friendly grandma lets me take her photo with her grand baby in the market.


Red buckets stand ready by the canal for the fire brigade in case of fire.  And a jeweler plies his trade on  an anvil in front of this shop.



Here’s my mom and my sister last summer on their way to the wet market, basket in hand.  I hope you two are having a grand visit this time around as well.  Wish I could drop in and spend a day wit you!

5 thoughts on “Streets of Lijiang, China

    • Wow– you’ve really made me jealous! My sister lived in a village just outside of Lijang for a couple years and we made a visit there. We were totally charmed. The town and the countryside is so beautiful…

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