Waiting for Baby-kins

IMG_1549     IMG_1551.
Dinner at Aaron and Jessica’s house the night before they headed to the hospital.

Hi all– Waiting.  It induces a lot of sighs and checking of cell phones.  I’m not that good at it.  And today is the happiest, but still hard, waiting– waiting for a baby!

IMG_1521This little bundle was due 9 days ago in San Francisco, so Larry and I hopped in the car early Saturday morning and trundled on up there to be ready to meet him/her first thing at the hospital.  We had a lovely dinner at home with Aaron and Jessica, took a grand walk with Ani & Brian, met their foster dog Harry (adorable) and chatted with the parents-in-waiting at the hospital.  And drove home late last night.  No baby.

Almost done with the baby quilt!

Laurel said it best, “This baby is taking it’s sweet time.”  She’s right.  And it will be so very sweet when little baby-kins arrives.  Hopefully today!

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