Christmas Books for Little Readers


Hi there– Do you have favorite Christmas books that you go back to every year?  I have a stack right here on the coffee table, just waiting for the grand-girls to come through the door.  We like sweet. We like funny. We like endearing Christmas books.  Here’s a few if you happen to have little readers on hand at Christmas:

513uldt0lkl-_sy337_bo1204203200_The Christmas Pageant by Tomie DePaola makes use of the text from the gospels of Matthew & Luke, along with the simple, charming illustrations that are instantly recognizable as DePaola’s work.  The story takes us through the Christmas story as presented by a group of children in their Christmas program celebrating Jesus birth.

unknownFather Christmas
by Raymond Briggs is almost wordless, but chronicles Christmas Day for a rather grumpy Santa through a series of detailed illustrations.  This British Santa packs his thermos of tea, flies over Buckingham Palace and makes a Christmas pudding.  You have to admire this intrepid Santa and enjoy his little celebration when he finally arrives home.

61twq0ouzvl-_sx399_bo1204203200_Christmas in the Country by Cynthia Rylant is the sweet story of a small girl who describes her Christmas in the country home of her grandparents.  There’s the awkward Christmas tree that “seemed sometimes like an embarrassed guest” and Christmas dolls and aunts & uncles & cousins bringing pies– a gentle story made even better by DianeGoode’s tender illustrations

51jka-7wl-_sx398_bo1204203200_Auntie Claus by Elise Primavera is a rollicking adventure of Sophie and her mysterious Auntie.  When she stows away in her Aunt’s luggage, she finds herself on a revealing trip to the North Pole and learns a lot about herself and Christmas.  Vivid illustrations and a satisfying ending made this a fun book to read together.


15 thoughts on “Christmas Books for Little Readers

  1. You know I love your book reviews! I’ve got to get Christmas in the Country for my granddaughters!–I just think the illustrations are so cute! I love children’s books… they’re so much fun to look through, read… kind of reminds me of when my kids were little. My granddaughters are just starting to get to the stage where they sit still long enough to read a book all the way through. They both love books, so I can’t wait to read to them! 🙂

    • Agree Marcia– love Polar Express– really all Chris Van Allsburg books– they are always intriguing. In 4th grade we did a writing prompt using his stories. (but I did not like the Polar Express movie– the figures were a little creepy!! ) Always fun to hear your book opinions and tips Marcia!! xox

    • Hey Kat– don’t you love browsing at the library. I’m a big fan! So many books — for free! We had fun reading Christmas books with the grand-girls– but now they’re gone. Left the 26th for China to spend the time with their Chinese Grandma for Chinese New Years. Hope all’s well with you there. xox

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