Eating our Way Across Wisconsin

Hi All– Do you agree that one of the best parts of traveling is sitting down to share meals along the way??  We did a whole lot of eating during our Wisconsin weeks this summer– here’s the Top Ten of those meals together:

#1. BATCH BAKERY —  So many pastries (Did I really have a mini cherry pie and pecan bourbon tart for breakfast one day??) and the bread is sturdy moist and pretty perfect!  It’s just a 3 block walk from our daughter’s house so they saw us more than once!

#2.  PIZZA AT CRESS SPRING FARM —  On a warm evening we trekked across rolling Wisconsin farmland to order up pizza on the farm– picnicking out on the lawn, while the blue grass band played away.


#3.BRATS & BEER BAR-B-QUE AT JOHN & LAUREL’S WEDDING — The first night at the camp, we all lined up for grilled brats soaked in a Wisconsin beer bath along with Lulu’s super salads– and ended with s’mores by the campfire.


#4.  For a quiet beautiful lunch together Larry and I landed at Graze, just across the street from the State Capitol in Madison.

#5.  GLORIOSO’S DELI — One day for lunch, we dropped into this wonderland of a grocery store–every type of Italian food your could desire.  Sorry no lunch photos (a delicious prosciutto & fig flatbread).  We dug in too fast!  (And– smiley little Lois hates to see dessert end!)



#6. UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN LAKE TERRACE — The perfect place to spend a summer afternoon is on the terrace of UW right on the lake– it’s beer, brats and ice cream from the university dairy department!


#7.  COLLECTIVO COFFE HOUSE — For breakfast in Milwaukee we walked down toward Lake Michigan and happily came upon coffee & breakfast out on the patio.


#8.  SOBELMAN’S — We went to Sobelman’s for their famous Bloody Marys and discovered it was National Brat Day!1 (Who knew??)


#9.  ISHNALA SUPPER CLUB — And the highlight of our Wisconsin  dining– a rustic cabin tucked in the woods on a beautiful lake.  Lovely food in a truly beautiful setting– Thanks Ani & Brian!


#10.MARIGOLD — Old friends Jac & Jackie guided us to this cozy cafe for Sunday brunch (braised chicken tostada) after church.  Always the best time talking over a meal with them…



Thanks Larry for being my best travel buddy
and eating companion along the way!!  It was
sweet time with family and friends (and food!)
that I’ll always remember…


38 thoughts on “Eating our Way Across Wisconsin

  1. I haven’t eaten yet, and now my stomach is growling! The food looks delicious and the scenery is beautiful. I like the mix and rural and urban dining. How cool is the pizza/picnic concept? I love that. Thanks for sharing, Rhonda!

    • Hi Lacey– yep, we really like pizza on the farm. They have hugs stone ovens and you can watch them pull out the pizzas. But this last time we got there kind of late and waited forever for the pizzas! But I like the idea– casual and in such a pretty place! What’s your weekend look like?? more birthday parties!!? We have our 3 grand-girls and parents coming to stay– along with friends of theirs visiting from China. (what can make to eat that they will like??!) Happy weekend friend! xo

  2. Whoa Rhonda, you did not leave any food stone unturned……and I mean that as a compliment! Babcock Hall Ice cream, yum!! I will have to try Graze next time I am in Madison, it looks fancy! I see you got your share of brats, haha! Gotta brat it up while in WI. And a supper club! A supper club is one of those Midwest gems that most outsiders don’t understand until they try it. Maybe I’ll have to do a post on that but I’m not a prime rib fan. -Kat

    • Hey Kat– Yep, I was hoping to eat at Graze– we went for lunch. Less expensive and you get the pretty view. And we loved the supper club– you’re right. We’d never heard of them til our daughter became a Wisconsinite. We’ve been a few times and they are all in such pretty places. I’d love to see your post of supper clubs– from a real Midwestern expert! And– we did eat a lot of brats. We’re having a post wedding reception here for our kids and serving– brats, beer and a Wisconsin cheese board! (what else??!). I just love hearing from you Kat. xox

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