Early Christmas in San Francisco

Hi all– We had a two part Christmas this year– starting out with 3 nights with kids up in San Francisco.  It was all lively grand-kids and beautiful meals, cookie decorating and a big explore in the arboretum.  Thanks thanks Jessica for pulling us all together!

We started our celebration with a ramble through the SF Arboretum.  Mae & Eero were our tour guides and Ani & Brian supplied Wooly Pig sandwiches for a picnic on the lawn.



There was a table full of cookie decorators and lots of cookie nibbling.


We had some beautiful meals around the table together.  From Jessica’s morning waffles to Chef Chris’ short ribs with glazed carrots and cashew-beet sauce.


And there was some mid morning gift opening by the Christmas tree by all the cousins.


But my favorite part of our days together was watching the cousins play together.


Here we are all together.  Thanks bunches AA & Jessica for everything!!   So one more Merry Christmas dear readers.  Hope you had a sweet time with people you hold close.


17 thoughts on “Early Christmas in San Francisco

  1. What a magical time! Lovely photos – I really like the pic with the candlelight! It’s so great that you guys get out and explore! I think that might be a bit daunting! 🙂 Still having a great time in Georgia, btw! Happy Holidays, Rhonda!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Rhonda! These are beautiful photos – I love the ones of the kids playing together too. ❤ Hope you have a blessed, beautiful new year of laughter, Light and JOY!!!! Big hugs from me to you and your family!! Grateful for you Rhonda. xo Debbie

  3. So many magical memories for you and your family! It must be great to see you grandchildren play. I can’t wait for grandchildren, then I know Christmas will be special again. Hugs to you. 😘🎄

    • You’re so right Kat– it’s really fun to watch them get to know each other better. And yep, Lois is walking– but we are still waiting for her hair to sprout!! She keeps us all entertained. Hope all’s well at your house! xox

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