Big City Travels– Tokyo

Hello there– On with our saga of travels with Ani & Brian!! We stayed a few days in bustling, efficient Tokyo  –checked in to our Air BnB, a sleek modern small home, just 8 feet wide, but equipped with tech conveniences that made it a great little place to stay.  Here’s our pint sized traveler Lois coming out the front door.

Our first morning we wandered down some shopping streets to a complex of temples crowded with  Japanese visitors enjoying the sunny day out.


With the help of the super subway system and Brian’s navigation, we touristed around town– from the city of views of City Hall to the alleys of food stands surrounding the famous fish market and for a Sunday stroll through a huge city park.



bottom 2 photos:  famous “egg on a stick stand” and my favorite– ginger octopus/shrimp on a stick!  –from the food stands by the fish market.

There were a couple favorite shopping stops. Near our Air Bnb was a long street of kitchen/restaurant supply stores!!  Loved that.  And downtown, the nine story Muji store– super designed housewares, clothing, stationery and a stylish cafe.



To complete the trip, we found a couple of wonderful Ramen places, a department store with a whole floor of food venders and a roof top park to picnic with your purchases,  and an old style  restaurant where you sit on the floor around a large grill and cook seafood pancakes.




From Tokyo, we boarded the bullet train south to Kyoto, passing Mount Fuji out our window along the way.  From amazing Tokyo to beautiful Kyoto…


50 thoughts on “Big City Travels– Tokyo

    • Hey Brad! Just missed them! We should have checked with them for tips before we went! I liked Japan much more than I anticipated– so tidy and organized! And Kyoto was really beautiful. You and Kathy have any travel plans this summer?? We’re camping at Sequoia with kids. xo

  1. i love your blog so much and it is so fun to travel along with you on your fabulous trips and family visits! thank you for sharing!!!

  2. I love checking our your blog Rhonda (and trying out some of your recipes). These photos are fantastic! Thanks for these glimpses of your trip! Little Lois is just precious.

    • Hi Hannah!! Wow! So fun to hear from you! I see photos now and then of your dear family on your Mom’s facebook posts. Yep we love our little Lois– she’s an intrepid traveler. God Bless, hugs from here1

  3. Love all the interesting pictures, but really love seeing how Lois travels!!! She’s such a jet-setter!!!💕

    • Hey Andi!! She is a good little traveler– sleeps while we’re out and about– and will eat most anything we run across. Love you friend. You are always always so ind and encouraging. xox

  4. Tokyo is on our bucket list for sure! Looks like you guys had a such a fun time there. The photos are beautiful! Keep them coming! And I loved your little pint-sized traveler hehee 😀

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