Wisconsin Welcome

Hello all– Wonder if you’ve been off vacationing yet this summer. –???  We’re just back from our week away– spent a warm & welcoming time with our Laurel & John at their new house near Madison. (warning– SO many photos here!  –couldn’t help myself.)

Our first evening we joined a few thousand others on the State Capitol lawn for a pizza picnic to the music of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra.  They played a Spanish favorite– Concierto de Aranjuez!!  Magical!


One morning we traversed 3 lakes (including raising the boat in a lock) to arrive at the University of Madison Terrace on the lake.  We lunched on brats and fresh corn along the lake and finished off with the memorable ice cream from the school’s dairy department!



Saturday morning found us at the Farmers Market collecting bagfulls of fresh produce to cook up over the weekend.


John’s intrepid red jeep ferried us out across the countryside to the Crane Institute– a study center for cranes from all over the world.  Then we stopped off along the Wisconsin River for a picnic (until it started raining!).



Laurel & John made sure we ate well!  Succulent steaks on the grill with Laurel’s beautiful salads– next night, a big grilled paella to eat out under the oak trees with friends.


The highlight of the trip was getting to see John & Laurel’s new house!!  While they were at work, Larry & I did a little wall paper stripping, spakeling and instaling of bookcases in the study).  It’s such a cozy place!

We took a few evening walks to enjoy the fireflies and everything so green and bountiful in the Wisconsin summer.


Thankful thankful for the days out and about, for the quiet conversations over dinner, for the joy of seeing you settle into your new home John & Laurel,  We love time with you!!  (See you in Sequoia in a couple weeks!!)


29 thoughts on “Wisconsin Welcome

  1. thankful for ALL your lovely photos from your Wisconsin trip. – A breath of fresh air and encouragement for my day. ❤

  2. What a wonderful trip! Never too many pictures…everything looks so beautiful and their new home looks so warm and welcoming. Glad you had such a great time! ❤️

  3. Now that is my idea of a fun vacation! Good music, lots of nature and great company and food! Aren’t those Sand Cranes a little surprising? I remember the first time one ran in front of my car I was like what in the heck is that!

    That’s quite a grill set up. I haven’t seen that. And their house looks like a fairytale cottage in the woods.

  4. Enjoyed the article, especially the photos. All I can say is Wisconsin Culture is unique and distinct. No other Midwestern state has culture like it. In fact very few states with exception of maybe Texas and Louisiana even have a distinct personality of their own like Wisconsin does. New York doesn’t because the city is so different than upstate and Manhattan throws it all off. California is like 3 different states in one. Yes, Wisconsin is unique and so wonderful. Please check it out. wiscoculture.com and on FB and Instagram @wiscoculture. Thanks for the photos and Cheers to Our Culture. #wisconsinculture #notjustaplace #packernation #bearsstillsuck

    • We do love Wisconsin! Our daughter married a confirmed Wisconsinite and and so we’ve made several trips back there and have traveled around a bit. Fun to read yoru enthusiastic comment– On Wisconsin!!

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